CABC Announces Additions to its Leadership


WASHINGTON, July 16, 2020 — Today the Canadian American Business Council announced additions to its leadership team.  New members of the Board of Directors are:

– Dina Brachman, Pfizer’s Senior Director of Global Policy

– Marlene Floyd, Microsoft’s National Director of Corporate Affairs in Canada; and

– João Augusto de Castro Neves, ExxonMobil’s Director of International Govt Relations

– Clint Odom, The National Urban League’s Senior Vice President

The Council is also pleased to announce the election of a new Vice Chair of the Board, Hélène Gagnon, CAE’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications.   

Additionally, the Council is pleased to announce the following new members of our Entrepreneur’s Circle:

– Dave Cox, President of Polaris Transportation Group

– George So, Managing Partner of InstarAGF

– Warren Spitz, President & CEO of UCS Forest Group

“During this crucial time in Canada/US relations, I couldn’t be more pleased that key leaders from sectors as diverse and innovative as:  energy, pharmaceuticals, technology, transportation, finance, forest products and civil rights are joining our organization” said Maryscott Greenwood, CEO of the CABC.  “Together, the new directors and members represent an infusion of talent and tenacity that is welcomed as we confront the health, economic and social justice issues that have emerged in recent months.” Maryscott Greenwood, CEO of the CABC.

About the CABC. Established in 1987, the Council is the leading non-profit, non-partisan, issues-oriented organization dedicated fostering dialogue between the public and private sectors in Canada and the US.   Members are key business leaders and stakeholders from both sides of the border ranging from entrepreneurs to best name brands in the world. Collectively, CABC members employ about two million people and have annual revenues of close to $1.5 trillion.  For more information, visit